Build 307/309 – changes in segmentation settings

Recently our developers significantly improved segmentation support. From build 307 you can select in Project Wizard, if you want to use segmentation for your source. This is a very useful feature, because it allows you to set up segmentation at the beginning of your work with a localizable file. Changes of segmentation settings in already translated Sisulizer project can cause loss of many translated strings. So this new setting of project Wizard allows you to avoid confusion and additional work.

This setting has included to Project Wizard for following platforms:

  • HTML
  • CHM
  • XML

Below is an example screenshot from Project Wizard with this new setting for HTML source file.

Additionally, in build 307 our developer disabled segmentation (even if Segmentation is enabled for selected sources) for rows with included sub-tags. Below is an example translation sheet’s screenshot of items with sub-tags. When you use older Sisulizer’s build, this example row is break to two rows.

This solution prevents triggering on/off of segmentation after changes in internal structure of sub-tags. However, sometimes it can cause missing of already existing translations for originals with sub-tags in projects created in older Sisulizer’s build. For this reason our R&D implemented new option that forces Sisulizer to use segmentation also for rows with sub-tags. Now you can select following settings for segmentation usage:

  • Do not use segmentation – recommended when you don’t want use segmentation in your project.
  • Use segmentation – recommended for new projects (if you would like use segmentation in your projects).
  • Use segmentation also with rows that contain sub tags – recommended for already existing projects with enabled segmentation.

You can select your desired segmentation setting in “Segmentation” tab of source properties.

Source properties dialog is available via “Project” menu -> “Edit source” -> your source, or via context menu of source node in Project Tree. Of course, changes of segmentation setting require re-scanning your project.


  1. I recommend you review above mentioned settings, if you have  Sisulizer projects for HTML or CHM files created with some older Sisulizer builds
  2. Generally, I don’t recommend changes in segmentation settings, if you aren’t forced to. Segmentation settings are very sensitive and enabling/disabling segmentation for already translated project via source properties can cause loss of some translations.
  3. Sisulizer has embedded short lists of common segmentation rules for some languages. However, if you can’t find appropriated rules for your language, you can create your own segmentation rules and share it with all your projects. Follow the link if you want to create custom segmentation rules.

Janusz Grzybek

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