Filters in Exchange and Export wizards

You can use Sisulizer’s advanced filtering options during creation of exchange package or during export content of your Sisulizer projects to external file (e.g. TMX, TXT, XLS, XLIFF). You can find in Export and Exchange these same filter groups as in Sisulizer’s Filter Panel and Filter dialog:

  • Translation Statuses
  • Rows Statuses
  • Data Types
  • Other

Filters available in “Text” and “Priority” tabs of Filter dialog for Translation Sheet aren’t available in Export and Exchange wizards. You can learn more about first 3 filter groups mentioned on above list in this article on our blog. “Other” filters for Translation Sheet were described in this article. However, these filters work in Export and Exchange wizards in different way than Translation sheet’s filters. Translation Sheet filters disable or enable displaying of some items in Translation Sheet but filtered items still exist in project, while these same filtering options in Export and Exchange wizards can be used to excluding from exported file filtered items. Below are two example of filters feature using:

  • Your translator don’t need already translated items, so you can exclude from package all already translated items. If you want include to exchange package only not translated items from your project, simply uncheck all items apart “Not Translated” item in “Translation Statuses” tab of Filters step.
  • Your project contains images and other binary data, while these data are unnecessary for your translator and you can exclude these data from exchange package. Go in Filters step of Exchange Wizard to “Data Types” tab and uncheck all but strings data types. It make your exchange package smaller and include to package only items required by your translator.

Export Wizard

Filter settings are available in second step of Export Wizard. Below is a screenshot from this step of wizard:

Export Wizard

Exchange Wizard

Filter settings are available in fourth step (Exchange Wizard – Filters) of Exchange Wizard. Below is screenshot from this step of wizard:

Exchange Wizard


Filters in Duplicates section of Other tab work in different way than these same filters in Translation sheet. For example Duplicate Rows setting in sheet filters display in sheet only duplicate items, while using of this setting in Exchange or in Export Wizard includes to exported/package file only the first instance of each duplicated strings. This means that first string of each duplicate group is included. All other strings in the same group will be skipped.


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